Property MarketingMarketing: it is the business activity that directs the flow of products and services from places of production to the places of consumption or use.

The Personal Qualifications in Marketing

We believe in the personal qualifications must be in the real estate agent, which include:


. To be always careful about the work, honest, and of a good behavior.
. To have a sense of responsibility and reliable from everyone.
. To be able to listen, remember, and follow the instructions carefully.
. To be logical and have the capacity for good judgment on matters.
. To have a positive attitude and a spirit of enthusiasm to complete the work.
. To have the ability to be aware of the details.

Parameters of Marketing

Marketing is also defined as a set of integrated activities performed by the facility to facilitate exchanges in the field of real estate. Marketing actually does two basic things:

• Creating the demand: that would be by identifying the opportunities for real estate marketing, marketing research, planning for the real estate products, advertising, publishing, promoting, and pricing.


• Serving the demand: that would be by the actual completion of the exchange process. This can be done at many levels most important of which in the field of real estate marketing are the technical services, distribution outlets, selections of customers sectors, and funding.


Taking into consideration that if the price increases, the demand increases, the supply decreases, and vice versa. However, the price settles down at the equilibrium intersection of supply and demand.


BÜYÜTEÇ Real Estate defines “Turkey’s real estate marketing” as a science in itself that studies the current and future needs and desires of the customers to own a property and those who are looking for houses for sale in Turkey, and we manage to achieve that for an acceptable profit to the company. All that shall be done throughout researching, investigating, and knowing the customers’ desires and ambitions.


The first concern of us, in BÜYÜTEÇ Real Estate, is to examine and scrutinize every project entrusted to us to be marketed and that is based on the project location, the project completion, its value as an investment opportunity, reliability of the purchase, and the right price according to the customer segment.


We bear in mind that earning a customer’s trust is extremely difficult, whereas losing him is extremely easy. Therefore, we started to focus on earning a customer’s trust, and what is more important is the way we maintain it through honesty and transparency in dealing.


We, in BÜYÜTEÇ, evaluate our company success in real estate marketing through the number of our customers and their satisfaction level, not through the amount of the profits. Therefore, we always work to open a connection with our current and future customers to understand their desires and develop the mechanism to meet that desires. For that especially, we recruited an employee for each customer to ensure the communication process goes right.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying PropertyForeigners were allowed to buy property in Turkey in 1934. The reciprocity stipulation concerning foreign national individuals’ buying property in our country was removed in 2012. The positive developments in the national economy in recent years has led foreign property investors’ showing interest to Turkey and the number of foreign property investors is increasing every year. While foreigners bought 12.000 properties in 2012 in Turkey, this number increased to 39.000 in 2018. It is estimated that 60.000 housing sales to foreigners will be realised in Turkey.

Which Country Citizens can Buy Property in Turkey?

Although this information is not publicly available, it can be questioned by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. The obstacle before the foreigners with Palestinian Travel Document has been recently removed in buying property in Turkey.

Is There Any Restriction in Foreigners Buying Property in Turkey?

1. A foreign real person can buy up to 30 hectares of property and acquire limited real right throughout the country.
2. It is required that the property must be questioned by Directorate of Land Registry through authorised commandership whether it remains outside the military forbidden and security zones and positive answer must be taken. This procedure has been removed in our 76 provinces (EXCEPT some districts) where measurement works of military forbidden and security zones have been completed.
3. Foreign individuals can acquire property and limited real right up to %10 of the surface area of district subjected to private property.

Is Residence Permit Required to Buy Property in Turkey? 

No, you do not have to get a residence permit to buy property in Turkey.

Can I Give Power of Attorney to Someone Else to Buy Property in Turkey?

Yes. You can give power of attorney to someone else to buy property in Turkey. You can give power of attorney through Turkish consulates in your country or in notary publics along with sworn interpreters in Turkey.

Can I Obtain a Residence Permit in Turkey After I have Bought Property?

Yes, the foreigners who have bought property in Turkey can take residence permit for themselves and their first-degree relatives. A residence permit is provided for 1 year in the first application. Extension application must be done after 1 year. First of all, you must buy housing and then apply to the Turkish Representation in your permanent residing or citizenship country with the original deed to be able to request a residential permit. In the event that your representation approves, you have the right of applying for a residential permit by being given “Visa for Deed or Long Duration Visa”.

Can I Acquire Citizenship in Turkey by Buying Property?

Yes. You can acquire citizenship in Turkey by buying property in the amount of 250.000 USD and higher.

Can I Buy Property with Bank Credit or in Instalment?

Yes. Real estate credit is provided to foreigners by banks in Turkey. This real estate credit is given up to %60 of property amount. In addition, construction firms themselves make instalment and payment plan. The most popular payment plans cover paying %30 in down payment and remaining in 24 or 36 equal instalments. Some of the construction firms can make instalments in longer durations.

What are required documents for deed?

1. Title Deed Document of the property or the information of village/quarter, square, parcel, building, single space
2. Identity card or passport (with translation as required),
3. Taking “Property Current Value Document” of property from the related municipality,
4. Mandatory earthquake insurance policy of property
5. 1 photograph of the seller, 2 photographs of the buyer (in the last 6 months, 6×4 size).
6. Sworn translator if any of the party does not speak Turkish,
7. In the event of taking action with the power of attorney prepared in abroad, the original or certified copy of power of attorney with its translation.

What are the Taxes to be Paid When Receiving Deed?

1. The rate of title deed fee specified according to 492 numbered Act of Fees is 4% over the sales price of the property.
2. The fee of locally determined working capital. (Maximum 128 x 2.5 TL for 2019)
3. The operation fee collected by the Directorate of Land Registry (598,25 TL for 2019:)

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