Property ConsultingBÜYÜTEÇ Real Estate provides legal consultancy services for any type of property through an experienced group of lawyers and specialists in the Turkish real estate in Turkey. These types of services properties manage contracts, title deeds, and verify any property documents that have been sold by us in order to convey the best buying process for our clients and achieve the desired results for the real estate investment. Our company is responsible for the validity of any property's ownership and achieving the legal conditions of contracts.

Distinctiveness of Büyüteç

BÜYÜTEÇ Real Estate maintains high competitive advantages through its expert team in Turkey’s real estate market and their skills in the analyzing in term of providing field survey of the real estate sector, detailed analysis, financial and administrative feasibility studies, creative suggestions concerning the development of projects, and other relevant studies.

The distinctive experience of BÜYÜTEÇ Real Estate comes through its success in following up the real estate market developments and providing periodic reports concerning the market movements. This devoted work highlighted BÜYÜTEÇ ability to help its customers by knowing the specifics of projects and providing the suitable advice to determine the best investment opportunities by the well-understanding of its team.

Furthermore, BÜYÜTEÇ for Turkey’s real estate gives its valued customers the opportunity to keep up with the latest Turkish governmental laws and regulations developments.

What We Do For You?

Reception and Real Estate Tours
When you start to think of owning a property or an apartment in Turkey, you start writing to companies and real estate agencies asking them for a sample or a group of properties in Turkey.

BÜYÜTEÇ Real Estate is not only interested but also professional at picking up customers from airports, this came to fulfill the needs of the increasing number of customers coming to Turkey for the first time, in addition to the translation services they may need and in a comfortable manner. BÜYÜTEÇ Real Estate is happy to provide airport ride services from the international airport using comfortable cars with an elegant manner suits our customers that identifies us as the best. Our qualified service team provides convenience for the arriving customers to the airport.

BÜYÜTEÇ Estate provides different types of cars that suit customers styles and needs we can also apply the same for groups being arrived. The type of the car and its size are not a problem anymore as we are covering all the needs in terms of type and size of the car. In addition, we would decorate the reception car upon request. Over and above, BÜYÜTEÇ provides VIP and business reception services.

It is our pleaser to provide you with a free consultation concerning the property investment and the ownership in Turkey.

Reception and real estate tours services in Turkey include the following points:

Second: Transportation to the preferred hotel
Our services in BÜYÜTEÇ Real Estate include transportation from and to airports, crossing the hanging bridges, and to the touristic sites in Turkey by providing luxurious cars and modern vans with professional drivers. All the cars and vans are modern, air-conditioned, with high specifications. The companions are also speaking both Arabic and Turkish fluently.
Furthermore, BÜYÜTEÇ recruits a special employee to fulfill the customers’ needs. This employee helps you to choose the appropriate hotel, transferring you to it, and make the proper booking. BÜYÜTEÇ, in its tourism branch, has a wide range of hotel discount offers that fit any level of customers.

Third: Daily tours to our projects in Istanbul or outside Istanbul
After the customer takes a rest in the hotel, we take him on a tour to the most important real estate projects in Istanbul and outside Istanbul. We show him the villas and apartments that are compatible with the consumer’s budget for the ownership in Turkey. The program also includes all the important projects, and the program of the tour is set and agreed on in advanced to achieve the desired results.

Fourth: Pre-booking and departure procedures
The customer is accompanied to the departure hall to complete the departure official procedures. After receiving the official documents, checking the number of bags, and passing the inspection device, the airline employee verifies the ticket information. Then the traveler takes the boarding pass and finalizing the procedures.

Basic Services

Transportation from and to Airport
Accomodation Facilites
Presentations About Projects
Projects Tours
Signing of the Contracts
Notarization Process
Receiving Tax Number
Opening Account in the Bank
Preparation of Appraisal Report
Title Deed Obtaining Process
Applying for Insurance
Subscription for Common Services
Home Design - Furniture Tour
Touristic Tour
Legal Support in All Process

Property Buying Process in Turkey


You want to buy property in Turkey and are there questions in your mind? We have step by step compiled for you all the stages that you will experience while buying property. We will be with you in every step as Homex Turkey family during this process and we will make the process easier for you.

1. Decide What You Want

If you want to buy property in Turkey, you must first decide on the type of property that will meet your needs. How much budget do you want to allocate? What kind of property do you want to buy? Is it a villa, a shop, an apartment in the city centre or a large and spacious holiday house where you can spend your holidays with your family? Where do you want to buy property in Istanbul? Do you want to buy it by instalment or in cash? If you cannot decide, you can call us to get information about property alternatives in Istanbul, price ranges, payment conditions and in all similar subjects.

2. Visit Turkey for Property Viewing

When you have decided to buy, please come to Istanbul to see properties and visit them one by one altogether. When you come to Istanbul, we will visit together the properties that you have liked in the decision-making process. We will be next to you so that you can evaluate delivery conditions, payment plans, construction quality and location of properties one by one by seeing with your own eyes. Is your property visits disappointed you or did not you like, it is not problem, we have always different alternatives according to your wishes. We continue to see alternatives until you find the property in your dreams.

3. We’ve Found Your Dream Property, So What Will Happen Now?

After you have decided on the property that you will buy, we are going to the payment conditions and bargaining stage. At this stage, discounts, payment plan and delivery conditions are determined according to your payment conditions. If you make a positive decision on this subject, terms of agreement are fixed with the sales contract. A comprehensive sales contract is prepared including the price, payment terms, delivery conditions, delivery date and technical specifications of the property that you have purchased. The property is reserved for your name with a deposit of approximately 3,000 USD to be received from you, and the sales contract is signed.

4. Tax Number and Bank Account Opening Procedures

After signing the contract, if you need to get a tax number, we have your passport translated and we receive your tax number from any tax department. If you want to make your payment through a bank in Turkey, we prepare the documents to open your bank account and we are going to the bank.

Required documents to get a tax number;
• Passport translation,
• The valid address in the sales contract regarding the property you have bought,

Required documents to open a bank account;
• Passport translation,
• Tax number,
• Document indicating your legal address in your country of residence. Any invoice, credit card statement or certificate of residence, on which your address is written, from the birth registration office.

5. Delivery of Your Property and Deed

When your delivery date specified in your contract comes, we contact and invite you to Turkey. We get an appointment with the construction company from the land registry office for deed transfer. We deliver your deed. If you do not come, you can receive your deed by giving power of attorney to somebody that you have trust.

6. You Have Got Your Home, Let’s Begin to Make Your Subscriptions

We prepare the necessary documents for your electricity, water and natural gas subscriptions before moving into your home and we help you in your applications.

7. Residence Permit Application in Turkey

Once you have received your deed, you are entitled to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. Moreover, not only your spouse but your unmarried children are also entitled to receive a residence permit in Turkey with you. We support you in your residence permit applications during the process. In addition, if you want, our internal lawyer follows the process by applying on behalf of you.

8. Citizenship Application in Turkey

If the property that you have purchased is USD 250,000 and above, you can have the right to get citizenship with your 1st-degree relatives in Turkey. We are with you during the citizenship application process. We prepare your application documents together and continue to support you throughout the process until you obtain the right of a citizen. As in residence permit applications, you can ask our lawyer to follow the process on your behalf by giving power of attorney in the process of citizenship application.

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